What you may want to know before you buy our Pekin Duck Eggs!

We have been breeding and showing German Pekins for a number of years and currently have 6 females and 4 unrelated males which we are using for breeding in 2018.

All the Pekins we are using for breeding have been to shows in 2017 and have been placed, including Best Pekin at the British Waterfowl Association show in 2017.

Our ducks have a pond so water is provided for treading.

At this time of the year we are getting 5 eggs per day so we can ensure that all our eggs are selected for size and shape.

Duck eggs are often mucky from being laid on the floor in the same little nest so all eggs are lightly cleaned in warm running water.

They are marked with the date of laying and their weight. This weight will not change significantly when you set them so will allow you to plot their weight loss if you wish. If you request at the time of ordering,we will provide you with a personal weight loss graph for each batch of eggs you purchase. This will be emailed to you as a spread sheet weight loss calculator.

All eggs are no older than 3 days when posted via 1st class post so this ensures there is sufficient time for transit as well as settling time (24hrs) when they arrive. This gives you the best possible chance of success when you incubate your eggs - no more than 7 days old.

You can download our booklet on Hatching Pekin Duck Eggs Hitchhiker guide to Hatching Pekin Duck Eggs Please click the text to open.

We provide you with our mobile phone number and a unique reference number for your batch of eggs. Should you have any incubation questions or concerns you are welcome to contact us.

We will acknowledge your order and provide you with a dispatch date. We will confirm dispatch after posting which will be via Royal Mail 1st class.

Should any of the eggs break in transit please let us know and we will either refund or resend you replacement eggs when available. Please send a picture of the egg(s) showing the marking on the shell for identification.

We cannot post outside the UK.

You are welcome to collect your eggs from us but you need to contact us in advance to ensure we have eggs for you.

We are members of the “The Domestic Waterfowl Club of Great Britain” and the "British Waterfowl Association".