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The German, in "German Pekin" standard, means they have the "upright" carriage, almost like a penguin or an Indian Runner duck! They also have that lemon yellow tinge to their plumage.


We started keeping German Pekin ducks in 2010.



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Best of Breed 2017

Our Ducks

2017 was a good year for our Pekin ducks as they were entered and well placed in a number of shows. These included the Domestic Waterfowl Club (DWC) Open Championship Show in October and the Royal Welsh Show in July. In November we had Best Pekin in show at the British Waterfowl Association 30th Champion Waterfowl Exhibition held in Stroud.


In 2018 we took both 1st and 2nd place for male and female Pekin at the Royal Three Counties Show Malvern and then awarded Best Heavy Duck. We also were placed at both the DWC and the BWA exhibitions as can be seen in the photographs.


For 2019 we will be breeding with 6 females and a range of drakes, all of which are 2017/8 show stock.



A Fertile Hatching Egg

STock for Sale

We have no stock for sale until 2019 but could find you a male if you need one for breeding.


We only set a limited number of eggs per season so it is always recommended that you place your orders well in advance.


Most young birds are ready for sale from mid-summer onwards but to avoid disappointment it is best to reserve in spring or even earlier.

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Hatching Eggs

Our Pekin ducks become "active" in late January and they normally start laying around 1st March till July.


We offer their eggs for hatching once they have settled into a laying routine, when fertility is naturally higher and the eggs are of consistent size and shape.


Please email us if you are interested in buying some eggs and we will get back to you with details of payment etc. The price for 6 Pekin duck eggs is £25 which includes 1st Class postage.


Feel free to download or read online our guide to hatching Pekin duck eggs. Click: Hatching Pekin Duck Eggs


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Photo Gallery

A few photographs of our German Pekin Ducks.


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Contact Us

You may contact me by email if you are interested in purchasing our German Pekin Ducks.


Please do not be disappointed if we have no stock for sale as these wonderful ducks are always in high demand.


We are located in the Welsh Borders - North of Hereford


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Or click on: Yonkin Farm 








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